This is a collaborative project based on georeferenciació and mobile technology. It’s been powered by Equip LaceNet and it’s also been enhaced by all the schools involved and on university, Universtitat Politècnica de Catalynya (UPC).

Students of ths secondary schools participating in the project have the main role in it. However, teachers support is basic to succeed on it.

wmcpTo manage around a big city is not easy at all for those people coming from peripherial areas or living further from it. This is why xarxa LaceNet has organized a special task for our students. This task should enable them to locate any point in the city by combining classical media (cards, maps…) and latest technologies (Internet mobile, geotagging, QR codes, augmented reality…) by just applying cooperative workshop in small groups.

The project offers a great chance to students which become really motivated when using the most inn technologies. They realize then that they can move around the city autonomously anf feeling save all the time. By using apps, any student can easilly communicate his/her teachers while completing the task he/she’s been asked for.